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About Doctor Orawiec

Dr. Orawiec cooperates with the following hospitals in Chicago :

- Resurrection Medical Center
- Our Lady of the Resurrection
- Lutheran General Hospital
- Holy Family Hospital
- St. Joseph Hospital

He is also a memeber of many prestigous oraganisations & associations:

- American College of Cardiology
- American Medical Association
- Chicago Medical Society
- Illinois State Medical Society
- Polish-American Medical Society (President since 2005, vice president since 1997)
- KS "Bronek (founder & president
since 1992)
- Polish Highlanders Alliance of America
Association of Polish Folk Artists in America
- Circle #45 "Poronin" of PHAA
- Education Committee of PHAA
- "Tatry" Ski Club in Chicago
- American Medical Tennis Association
- World Medical Tennis Society


"Professional in every inch"

Bronislaw OrawiecBorn in Poronin, dr. Orawiec attended a high school in Zakopane. Later, he studied at Silesian School of Medicine (Katowice, Poland, 1966-1972) earning his M.D. degree. Finally, he earned his Ph.D. degree at the Jagiellonian University in 1980 (Collegium Medicum, Krakow ).

Dr. Orawiec is an active member of many prestigious organizations such as:

- American College of Cardiology
- American Medical Association
- Illinois Medical Association
- World Medical Tennis Association
- American Medical Tennis Association
- Polish American Medical Society in Chicago (President since 2005)
- Polish Highlanders of America
- Polish Folk Artists in America

Dr. Orawiec is continually keeping his professional qualifications up-to-date, participates in numerous medical symposiums and conferences.

Often times, he grants magazine, radio or TV interviews and he is an author of a wide array of articles devoted to cardiology issues. Additionally, he initiated free cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure screenings in Chicago area.

Dr. Orawiec established "Orawiec Cardiac Fund of the Polish-American Medical Society" which main goal is to support fighting cardiac diseases in the Polish-American community.

In October 2000, dr. Orawiec received a recognition from President of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski (Warsaw) and in May 2000 the Recognition Diploma from Chicago Mayer, Mr. Richard M. Daley (USA).

Besides his professional career, dr. Orawiec is involved in social work, enjoys practicing various sports and, due to his background, loves everything devoted to mountains and Podhale region.

It was only because of his initiative that Sports Club “Bronek”, which associates Polish doctors working and living in Chicago , was set up.

His main focus is to “constantly develop his skiing and playing tennis abilities, build up the physical stamina, keep Polish tradition, continue international doctors' championship and deepen his medical knowledge through a number of lectures, discussions and seminars.


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