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The "Goralskie Posiady Doktora Orawca" Foundation, NFP

Fundacja Góralskich Posiadów doktora Orawca


Goals of the Foundation:

The goal of the Foundation is to secure financial means to organize and continue "Góralskie Posiady doktora Orawca". "Góralskie Posiady doktora Orawca" were initiated by Dr. Bronislaw Orawiec - Wysni in 1991 in Poland, and later take place in the United States and Poland. Posiady aim to carry on the honorable culture and traditions of the Polish highlanders as inherited from their forefathers. They fulfill intellectual needs of the highlander immigrant community living in the United States and the fellow countrymen living on the rocky "Podhale" in Poland. Posiady maintain the culture, art, tradition as well as the highlander practices: the highlander "zwyk naszych ojców", or customs of our forefathers. It is a prodigious phenomenon that is truly unique in the cultural world. The goal of the Posiady is to spread and promote the beauty of highlanders' in the world. The founder of the Foundation is Dr. Bronislaw Orawiec -Wysni.

Means of Acquiring Funds:

The founding sum of the Foundation in the amount of $ 100,000.00 was established in the year 2009 from the savings of Dr. Bronislaw Orawiec on the occasion of the 20th (XX) Jubilee Celebration of the 'Góralskie Posiady doktora Orawca'. A percentage from the Foundation will go to increasing its assets. Donations to the Foundation can be made by: private parties, anonymous donors, social or community organizations, businesses (Polish and American), companies, state and private enterprises, as well as other American and foreign entities.

Principles for Managing the Funds:

Money from the Foundation account can be used for the following purposes:
. the preparation, advertisement and organization of the "Góralskie Posiady doktora Orawca"
. the publication of successive books in the collection "Góralskie Posiady doktora Orawca"
. the maintenance and upkeep of the internet site regarding "Góralskie Posiady doktora Orawca"

The complete right to dispose of the Foundation belongs to Dr. Bronislaw Orawiec-Wysni, and as the founder and owner, Dr. Orawiec reserves the right to use the Foundation towards other goals and projects, can eliminate it in its entirety, or transfer ownership to other individuals whom he deems appropriate to continue the goals of the Foundation, ways of obtaining the Funds, and rightful disposition of the Funds established above.

Prepared by:
Bronislaw Orawiec, MD, PhD
Chicago, June 17, 2008

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